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Corridor Executives during a tour of Dar Port

Dar es Salaam Corridor Transport and Logistics Executives Awarded

Executives in the transport and logistics industry plying their trade on the Dar es Salaam Corridor were presented with certificates during the Dar es Salaam Corridor Committee (DCC) stakeholder’s meeting held in Lubumbashi, DR Congo from 28 to 29 July 2016.

The forty two recipients, ten from Malawi, nine from Zambia and twenty three from Tanzania had earlier participated in capacity building workshops in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. The workshop, organized by the DCC Secretariat, with support from the World Bank, focused on building capacity in corporate governance, strategic planning, advocacy and voluntary compliance for executives of national Road Transport Associations (RTA) and Customs Clearing and Forwarding Associations (CFA) of the DCC member states.

Soon after the workshop the participants undertook a familiarization tour of the Dar es Salaam Port facility which is a key infrastructure through which imports and exports pass on their way to DR Congo, Malawi and Zambia through the Dar es Salaam Corridor. Addressing the delegates at the port, the Port Manager Mr. Herbert Mhanga outlined advantages of using the port including proximity and recent developments to improve efficiency and addressed stakeholder concerns.

During the certificate presentation, the Executive Director of the DCC Secretariat, Mr. Peter Masi congratulated the recipients, urging them to share ideas on how to improve trade on the corridor. He further urged the executives to build networks in order to keep abreast with the latest developments on the Dar es Salaam Corridor and elsewhere.

Among other functions, the DCC fosters cross border cooperation on transport and trade policy formulation.

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